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Check out the media section above for vendor examples.

We have a diverse selection of specialised DJs to cater to the varied needs of our industry.


DJs play a crucial role in various events, whether it's performing live in a nightclub, entertaining TV or radio audiences, or reaching listeners through online radio. 

They are also skilled in creating mixes, remixes, and tracks.


To help us connect you with the right vendor, please provide detailed information through the form below. The prices listed act as an upfront payment to secure our services and are held as a deposit for the booking. Any additional requests outside the agreed booking may result in extra costs, which will be communicated directly with the vendor.


We accept non-refundable payments to enhance our service offerings and website, ensuring the availability of top-tier vendors for you at all times.


  • As we know DJs are just as important for occasions. Typically they perform for a live audience in a nightclub or dance club or a TV, radio broadcast audience, or an online radio audience. DJs also create mixes, remixes, and tracks.

    Please fill in as much information. The prices shown are an indication. Any other additional request outside of this may incur additional costs which will be sent via email.

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