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Check out the media section above for vendor examples.

Explore our diverse range of talented dancers, perfect for meeting all your entertainment needs.


Our dancers are skilled performers, captivating audiences with their expressive movements and ability to work across various industries and genres.


To ensure we match you with the right vendor, kindly complete the form below with detailed information. The listed prices serve as upfront payments for securing our services and act as a deposit for the booking. Any additional requests beyond the agreed booking may result in extra costs, which the vendor will discuss directly.


We appreciate non-refundable payments to enhance our service offerings and website, guaranteeing access to top-tier vendors for your events.


  • Dancers are performers who move in creative and expressive ways to entertain audiences. They work in a variety of industries and genres and occasionally perform different kinds of music. Dancers typically perform solo or as part of a group.

    Please fill in as much information. The prices shown are an indication based on per person. Any other additional request outside of this may incur additional costs which will be sent via email.

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